Shomina Tany
Modern artist Shomina Tatiana was born in 1996, lives and works in Moscow.
I came to painting at a conscious age.
Studied at art school.
He is a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

In her youth, she was fond of dancing, which left a noticeable imprint on Tatyana's painting. Dance taught me to feel the world through the energy within myself, to express feelings through movement and tactility.
Tatyana's work is unique, she creates sensual stories in which she lays down how she feels the world through touch and body.

Tatiana paints in oils and creates digital paintings.

“I often paint pictures without a definite meaning, but as I feel
I see something in my head that I want to touch and I want to capture it

It gives my paintings a certain sense of presence. It seems that they are close, that they can be touched.
The viewer becomes not an observer, but a participant.
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